Binance Bot – Crypto Bot Market Making Strategies with Python: Scalping

Introduction to Binance Bot with Python: Market Strategies 1 _ Scalping by email: …


  1. Greetings and Regards

    I saw your clip.

    I am very trying to get a great strategy for Market Maker.

    I wanted to help you how we can work together.

    I am very trying to get a great strategy for Market Maker.

    Our team has written and complete a robot, but we need help in the strategy implementation.

    I wanted to help you how we can work together:

    1-Market Making Simulation on Tick Data.


    3-Strategy Deployment



    5- Risk management.

    Best Regards


    combotrade Manager

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  3. Quick question, is this type of strategy easily backtestable? (are there data available on bid/ask spread historical in decent time step granularity?) And is there some sort of stoploss implemented when there is a mean reversion in adverse direction?

  4. Dear Sir

    I noticed you are very knowledge person.

    I would be really grateful if could reply my question.

    I am looking for a tool which will place bids for me automatically as a maker at the highest possible price in the orderbook (so my order will have a chance to be filled first

    there without being market taker)

    And if a price e.g. of btc increases (without executing my order) that tool will place the highest bid as maker quickly and automatically until reaches my set limit. So I do not need to do that manually.

    A program that will dynamically reprice my order to ensure it's always at the top of the book until executed.

    Do you know of any tool on the market which can do that?
    I do not need other features
    Obviously I would prefer a free tool but if not possible I would try a paid tool.

    I would really appreciate your reply

  5. I didn't get the point of using cycles in your decision to buy or sell. I guess the purpose of it was just to explain that it can move….

  6. I see what you are trying to do here but have you considered that buy/sell walls are one of the various ways that the crypto markets are manipulated? Iceberg orders and spoofing would cause the algo to place orders where the walls only exist for sometimes milliseconds. Will the bot have the ability to account for these pitfalls?

  7. As long as you have bnb in your account and trade with any base paid will be paid at 0.05% fee from your bnb if you have the option enabled. The disadvantage of using bnb pairs is that when doing high frequency operations the limits atre essentially lower on pairs involving bnb.

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