Best Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs to BUY RIGHT NOW!

I am a full-time miner and compiling all of my research on how to earn the most passive income from home I have determined …


  1. So I’m new to all of this and as of today I want to purchase an ASIC miner preferably BTC or ETH can I find good one for around £500 that’s 600USD?

  2. Hey how you doing buddy I'm a big fan I have learned a lot from your channel. But I have a quick question with this new president we have from the economy going downhill. Is it still profitable to mine in which minor you will recommend for a beginner and still make profit?

  3. Bro finally ditched the bobcat miner scam. I got three of them and made a dollar that's how low the earnings are. It's finally picking up after I changed antennas but it's a lot to make money with bobcat miner and a lot of additional cost to get them going

  4. the reason the price is high is because the manufacturers can make more mining than selling, plus there is no guarantee it wont break before they make a profit.

  5. Thank you for these videos. But it's best to use the Utopia ecosystem for mining. It's much more environmentally friendly and doesn't require equipment costs

  6. imo the helium miners are the best when it comes to roi. I have 2 running for 6 months now and they both made 60 helium so far,
    so that's 120 a year and when hnt will be back at 50 dollars, then it will be 6000 dollar a year, and that not bad after an investment
    of 2400 dollar in the first year only, and not a single asic can compete with that.

  7. Thanks mate. Very good video. I'm very interested in starting crypto mining here in Australia. Any thoughts? Keep them coming.. cheers..

  8. The settings are very good, with such only a Crypton cryptocurrency minefield on advantageous terms in a decentralized Utopia p2p ecosystem.

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