Top 4 Crypto Coins I’m Buying | March 2022

Top 4 crypto coins I’m buying in March. Bitcoin, Ethereum, STEPN, USDC. BINANCE 10% OFF FEES …


  1. The founder and CEO of RISE, Suresh Maddineni AKA Titan, invented the buy-back for crypto, so its V1 smart contract was copied thousands of times. He was also the first to invent the revolutionary smart contract 🔐 (EverOwn), multi-blockchain bridge (EverBridge), 5-blockchains with 1-shared supply, a decentralized token market (EverSwap) that reduces sell-pressure within tokenomics, and NFTs that include staked tokens within (EverStake).

    The man is a genius, and I respect his humility. So I need to add these points. Hope you can do some deeper research to see for yourself. V3 releases soon, so keep an eye out. Cheers🥂

  2. Results guaranteed in 5 steps!

    step 1. watch a random video about a random dude on a random crypto.

    step 2. step into crypto.

    step 3. say hi to the sharks that were waiting for you to dump their shit on you.

    step 4. get your eyeballs ripped out by aforementioned sharks.

    step 5. cry in a corner knowing you were the greatest fool.

  3. Good for you.
    I just sold 90% of my crypto …
    Thats 6 digits in USD
    Will be buying back in at another 40 % down from here. Thats end of this year …next year some time
    See you in the next bull cycle 👍

  4. Hello Lark, the projekt STEPN ist a clone. STEP is a project that has been working for 2 years. it is cheeky that Binance copied here. It would also be fair to mention step the original.

  5. Why $hitcoin? You know it’s useless when many mention an exit strategy. Ethereum is a good pick, stepn seems like a speculative shitcoin and usdc isn’t good because of inflation

  6. The potential to stymie crypto investors seems a huge temptation for the establishment to sink XRP, as a decision against would surely affect other cryptos similarly.

  7. Always appreciate your insights. If ETH was a type of car, what do you think it is now, and will it be if the upgrade goes as planned? This thought has mileage, for me at least.

  8. Lol, I though you'll talk about alts or shitcoins. I have some spare usdt and love for gambling, btc and eth is not what I expected in this vid lol

  9. ISO20022 will be adopted by most central banks globally, replacing the old Swift protocol. Projects that integrate ISO20022 will see huge institutional investment

    $HBAR, $ALGO, $XLM, $XDC, $IOTA, $Quant

    Do yourself a favor, pick up a bag while it’s cheap enough to do so now

  10. I have a Binance acct. But they don't have alot of alt's that are off the heated path. They are sorta so main stream to me, of that's me. I have lots of accts. I do alot of importing of little coins like Bitgert which you can't find on Binance for example. But each to his own. I like Seedify to find new projects and buy them before anybody else. I mean getting early is where the profit is at, that's for sure.

  11. Hey Lark man. I have full control of the goods and services around the world. I control all the necessary raw materials to create. anything from micro chips to wheat chips. I also control all the shipping. So exactly what are you going to do with your Crypto, dollars, yen yuan. gold, silver….Being done right in front of your very eyes. ROFL. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

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