Investment Tracker in Google Sheets! (Track Stocks, Crypto, ETFs, and Dividends)

Link to download this spreadsheet: In this video, I take you step by step on how to create …


  1. @dividendology this a very nice tool to look at all investments in one place. I have few questions: 1) How do you recommend including 401k mutual funds in here – Could I add those fund tickers to the stock tab? 2) If I have multiple ETFs, would have to create one tab for each? 3) What is the last tab "Investment Data" for? Thank you.

  2. the finviz formula didnt work..i copy and paste and input the cell where my stock and try table 7 or 8..still didnt work. Help please

  3. If I also wanted to track my index funds, would I need to do the same thing as the ETFS? Also – sorry third question, I can't find all my ETFs on ishares (VYM, VTI, VGT, SPY) – Is there another place like that to find holdings by location?

  4. Is there a tab of where you keep track of when you buy/sell items? I'm buying the same funds every month for the same purchase price, so the price per share I buy at would be different every time. It looks like you're tracking the lump sum because none of those symbols are repeating in your chart, unless you're just adding a row each time? I'd be happy to buy, but I just want to make sure I understand the process. I saw you mention a "unique" formula in other comments, but I'm not great with formulas so I'm not sure what that means.

  5. Tthank you for your videos could you please make a crypto Portfolio Growth Chart (hourly – daily – monthly and yearly ) with timestamps, i mean record all the price changes (history) that happen to the portfolio balance overtime thanks.

  6. Do I have to follow these steps for the investment tracker and investment dashboard or can I download these from your Patreon ready to go?

  7. Hi, great video, but have one issue you didn’t mention. When you assuming buy another same stock for different price, the chart cannot handle it as it shows as duplicate record. Tried to google fix, but not able…would you have any suggestions? So same symbols it sums and creates an average purchase price for all stocks

  8. Great guide tbh one of the best I saw so far….quick question, how do you see progress over the period? If you want to see what growth you had 2018-2019-2020-2021 etc..? Secondly this comes with first question why don't you add date of purchase? I assume you will buy one stock few times so it will sum all various cost/average etc.

  9. Dividend:
    It seems finviz has changed the way to pull dividends from their website. I have corrected the spreadsheet and it now works. Here is the updated formula:


  10. There is an error with the crypto formula. It says "value parameter cannot be parsed to number". Ran through your web scraping video and crypto tracking video and followed exact same steps and data but still the same error.

  11. Wow this is amazing. I’m
    Watching this while I work, but I will be coming back and making this for my portfolio this weekend and following along. I never knew you could do 80% of this stuff on google sheets. Very cool.

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