How To Find The Next 100x Crypto Investment In 2022

Welcome back! For the rest of this bull run there will be a time where even the most uninformed people will look like genius’s.


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  2. I think Wanchain, Neblio and Stratis are good solid projects with a 100X possibility. With Metaverse/gaming I see GameCredits, ZooKeeper and Vibe doing a 100X as they are way undervalued and lots of potential.

  3. Really awesome video! But the title is misleading, I'd love a video where you make a video on how to actually find 100x coins and know where to take profits (with things like fibonacci)

    Anyways, really helpful video, thanks! 💎

  4. Well done leaving school a drop out and learning a trade. Often the bright kids become bank managers and fail to imagine a world outside the confines of their box

  5. good advice – unfortunately I was 100% xrp and missed out most of these opportunities. But even I have made reasonable profits and I am more diversified now

  6. I am a silent subscriber. I've been your follower ever since I got into crypto, maybe 2018 I don't know. Since then, I've been struggling and been holding on to my dear coins. I've had so much hope back then, up until now. I wish everything just takes off. Crypto is my only chance of changing my life. Your videos have helped me a lot get through all of this pain. I see you are a good person, Jolly. God bless! Keep inspiring

  7. Awesome update,straight to the bone, no BS 👍🏽 sticking to your game plan, your the only one talking sense, everyone else is all for the likes at all cost, whereas I believe your for your viewers 🙏

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