EOS Crypto 2021: What is EOS coin?

EOS coin had one of the biggest ICOs (initial coin offering) of all time worth over $4 billion! Where does the EOS crypto ecosystem …


  1. Of course the protocol would be exploited. Poor guy. Yo, atomic swaps though (p2p trade x?). Unstoppable DeFi infrastructure. Congrats on that man.

  2. Monday Confessions: Another Love Story?

    Doe… Dove into the Googles to find some info on this coin leading me here and immediately went Homer Simpson. My ability to process language went nonexistent and found myself only able to process random sounds varying in pitch and silence. Surely that's a sign I love her right? Her voice too, if that even makes sense.

  3. Top 20 in control, including 1 random. lol. Sounds like the elite rich / top, in power. And they want to decentralise power? hahahahaha

  4. Hi!

    I really hope you have some tips to me on how I can solve the problem I have with EOS. I have some EOS in EOS Authority and I would like to unstake them and send them to Binance. But when I tried to unstake EOS I got an error message, and I also tried using Scatter. Do you know how I can solve this problem?

  5. Un proyecto muy fuerte, un competidor fuerte, Ethereum, tarifas de conversión muy bajas, hasta ahora no han tenido oportunidad de subir y el camino está pavimentado y no hay vuelta atrás.

  6. Don't buy EOS ever, it went from 180K sats to 7.9K sats. It's the definition of a shitcoin. Now the I can't even connect to the mainnet anymore to get rid of the piddly 9 I bought 2 years ago for a lark. Thank God I only bought 9. Do not put a penny into this thing. It's dead, don't lose money. It's at it all time low satoshi wise and it's not going up. I feel sorry for the big bag holders.

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  8. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮 PHUCK EXODUS!!!!!!! Do not use EXODUS!!!!!!! These AZZ holes charged me $250 to do a transaction!!!!!!! DO NOT USE THIS WALLET

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