This Cryptocurrency Was Invented to Scam You

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  1. Funny how this comment section has been flooded with crypto selling snakes and criminals trying to get your money. Thoughty2, if I were you I would close the comment section on this video before you are dragged into a lawsuit. Look at the profile pictures, old men in suits telling people they made a fortuin by following a certain person.

  2. I mean she is just a woman with a lotta money. Smart criminals would just get close to her, throw her into a ditch somewhere and take her place and nobody will ever know

  3. I will forever be indebted to you 😇 you’ve changed my whole life I’ll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you’ve saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment thanks so much Mrs luna lucia,

  4. Haha stupid video. More propaganda. If you don't see the future technologies as something amazing that will revolutionize the world than you're an idiot. Do you're research

  5. This is what the government wants they don't want to regulate it yet so all the little guys gets scammed and now the government now's what to invest now

  6. if the good aspects of mlm were done right then it would actually be a viable business method… the company my mother works for has a sort of mlm structure but based on honest business practices and they've received government certification as well so if it wasn't legit it would've been gone by now, not to mention that it's been around for slightly more than a decade already. everything has a useful application, it's just a shame that a few bad people like to use them to ruin others' lives. even NFT's were supposed to be helpful for keeping records of transactions and now they're just a whole new scam. man, can't some people just learn basic morals?

  7. I'm into crypto. I bought most of my Bitcoin back when it was $240. Litecoin when it was $10, Ethereum when it was $300. If you happen to invest the right amount at the right time you will make profit. It's mostly luck whether it be Bitcoin or Apple stock. Just be sure you know what you're investing in and use the right investment vehicle….for example Coinbase or some other well known exchange.

  8. God and Mammon-both belief based human creations.
    When people stop believing they vanish.
    Real wealth consists of potatoes … and a gun.

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