New DeFi Platform and NFT Collection Focuses on Inclusivity and Working For the Common Good

PARKLAND, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2022 / Founder Taylor Diamond-Vizcaino is proud to announce the launch of her DeFi platform, and Pride Pixies NFT collection. The platform and collection heavily emphasize the need for greater inclusivity in the tech and blockchain industry.

Pride meets Pride Pixies

Pride Pixies and are two projects that were launched due to a lack of representation in the blockchain space. The mission of the project is to create a platform and project that is inclusive and representative of the various genders, identities, and sexualities in the world.

The NFT and blockchain space is known to be a male-dominant field. This served as inspiration for founder Taylor Diamond-Vizcaino and her visionary projects. Vizcaino quickly laid the framework and created a platform with the potential to impact the way women and other minorities were viewed and represented. The project aims to create a community of like-minded individuals by fostering an inclusive and representative environment.

Taylor Dreams of an Inclusive Future

Taylor is a self-taught artist who gravitated towards a career as a graphic designer. Taylor chose to utilize her abilities and creative talent to change the world by drawing attention to an increasingly pressing issue – the marginalization of women and minorities. She was motivated by the strong women in her family and understood that it was necessary to empower and encourage women to think beyond the box.

Vizcaino felt the need to have a project that represented everyone, regardless of their identities. She created a project that empowered minorities and women and encouraged rebelling against social norms. The projects are also linked to humanitarian efforts by donating 5% of profits to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Women in Tech.

The collection and platform will also include a heavy emphasis on education. Taylor identified that some of the biggest challenges in the blockchain field are a lack of education and inclusivity. The projects place an emphasis on providing education on the LGBQT+ community, as well as cryptocurrency and NFTs. Taylor believes this will help create awareness as well as promote the inclusive environment that the project aims to create.

The platform will offer tutorials and webinars to educate those interested in participating in the community. There will also be educational market speaking events and opportunities. Future plans for the project include empowering marginalized people with community outreach, as well as donations. Taylor plans on continuing her mission of spreading inclusivity beyond web3 as the project continues to grow and develop.

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Creating Change in Blockchain

Pride Pixies and were created in order to bring together members of the community who believe in activism, support, inclusivity, acceptance, and representation. is a brand new platform aiming to empower users to be their own bank. Pride Pixies is an NFT collection focused on promoting inclusivity and representation within the digital asset industry.

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