Investing in a Crypto Index Strategy | The Compound & Friends #24

On this week’s episode of The Compound & Friends, Michael Batnick, Jeremy Schwartz, and Downtown Josh Brown introduce the …


  1. So Michael’s bullish case for crypto is more people will buy them? Sounds like greater fool theory to me lol
    Seriously, congrats guys. Another entertaining episode

  2. Can I get your thoughts on long puts on triple leveraged etfs? Is this a good bullish strategy if you want to go long on a sector?

  3. So we don't know the fundamentals behind the "project" so we're buying 13 in a fund and hoping most tokens grow. I like the strategy!

  4. The Bitwise 10 Crypto Index symbol BITW is another indexing option. BITW is market cap weighted so the product described here might give you greater returns, but with more volatility.

  5. Gemini has to add Solana at some point, right? My strategy has basically been to follow the Multicoin guys into every project.

  6. No Avalanche or Solana? NGMI

    ^original comment before realizing it is because it is not on Gemini. Gemini NGMI.

  7. Whats a commercial anymore? I don't know, i don't care. Thanks for bringing my attention to the new product. Stoked to see you have FTM in the index, surprised ya don't have SOL. Lets go!

  8. CNBC appearance too? Matt Damon's "history favors the bold" commercial all over the place. Now, Josh and Jeremy pitching crypto investing for WisdomTree. What's next, a Joe Biden endorsement?😂

  9. DeFi is awesome. But have you seen the charts of the DeFi you mentioned? All time lows vs eth they just bleed. Why take on more risk than eth for less returns? This isn't diversification in the sense of lowering risk or higher returns it's diversifying into raised risk and lower returns.

    They just print tokens and can easily be copied.

  10. Love the podcast, love the idea. While the composition is pretty solid, it is disappointing that you haven't included Polkadot in the mix – definitely short sighted. Hopefully you include that in the fund in the near future before you miss the huge runs on all of the projects happening with it.

  11. Maybe it is a limitation/lack of vision on my part, but I still want DeFi to show that isnt just an outsourced R&d on backoffice financial institutions. I mean, most DeFi applications looks more complicated than usual banking and form most people didnt bring any better services. I wonder if just at some point when DeFi is really mature and useful, banks/credit card processors wont just buy those companies/protocols and incorporate into their operations.
    Plus, if blockchain becomes as pervasive as some assume (it will be everywhere and will solve everything), it will almost become some sort of public domain product.

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