Cryptoland Is Embarrassing

This is the greatest crypto idea of All Time I stream every day


  1. I’m… I’m tired. I’m just tired. If you said any single line from this crypto video to a caveman he’d shriek incoherently and kill you with stones and I think they had the right idea

  2. I hope Cryptoland does become a physical resort full of rich people. Then it'll be a prime target for pirates. And if it becomes an actual country, then it'll be possible to declare war!

  3. I just want to take a second to ask a question: How would they even pull through with this? Wouldn’t this renovation cost millions to do? Where do they get their money? Who will they hire to do construction, especially on an island in Fiji? What about wifi, plumbing, electricity, running water, food, supplies, etc? Building an entire town on an island is a pretty big task. That alone shows this whole thing is/was a scam.

  4. it also doesnt help that during the into when the dudes on the helicopter he said he wanted to meet the crypto kiddies or something along those lines

  5. Rest in Pickles, the project got clapped, we'll never get to watch Cryptoland descend into a bootleg bitcoin hunger games now 🙁

    Then again, considering they were gonna allow kids on the island, it's honestly a good thing that this project never came to fruition.

  6. All crypto does is make me like paper money more. Mainly because I can hold it and they aren’t these weird fucking millenial get rich quick schemes.

  7. 6:36 This shot unearthed some past trauma from my childhood and reminded me that there's this bitcoin graphic novel out there called The Hunt For Satoshi Nakamoto that my shitty dad helped crowdfund. He blew enough money on it to get his name printed in bold letters in the back of the book and got about 6 copies in the mail for his troubles. He gave me and my sisters a copy each back when I was about 10 as if it was gonna get us interested in crypto, and then went back to playing Civ 5 and neglecting his children. It didn't, I never bothered to read it. Kinda funny how crypto had a part in my childhood trauma and now it's back to plague us again like this.

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