Chainlink Announces the Upcoming Community Meetups Worldwide

Chainlink (LINK), the blockchain industry’s first and largest decentralized oracles network provider, recently announced five global community meetups. According to the project, Web3 builders from all over the world will be visiting each of the five locations to learn about Chainlink and the benefits of cryptographic truth.

The project also invited all those interested in participating in the events to connect with their local Chainlink community on these events. As for the events themselves, they will be taking place over the next several days, starting today, May 9th, 2022. The locations will include Phuket, New York City, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, and Chicago.

When will the community meetups take place?

Chainlink revealed the time and date of the events, noting that the first one will be taking place today, May 9th, in Phuket. The attendees will be able to discuss the future of the metaverse with leaders from a number of projects, such as Dash, Inite, and Master Ventures.

Following that, on May 10th, the project will organize another meetup, this time in New York City. The topics of this event will include the exploration of the multichain future of Web3, interoperability, and projects that are being developed right now on another blockchain project called Fantom. The speakers on this event will be experts from EverRise and Fantom Foundation.

On the same day, on the other side of the United States, an event will take place in Los Angeles. The topic will also include Web 3.0, and its potential to deliver and support a fairer future. The discussion will feature EverRise, lisayu.eth, and unstoppable.x.

Then, on Wednesday, May 11th, the next meetup will take place in Tel Aviv. This will be an event that will talk in-depth about ow to build and scale a Web3 startup, which could be very useful to anyone interested in launching their own project/company with Web 3.0 in mind. Of course, Web3 is still being developed, and even the most optimistic predictions say that it will take a while longer before it becomes truly functional. However, this does represent a great opportunity to learn how to launch a Web3 business and gain the early adopter advantage. The event will feature like-minded community members and Crypto Volatility Index speaker.

Finally, on Thursday, May 12th, the last of the five events will take place in Chicago. The discussion will focus on the evolution of the internet, blockchain technology, smart contracts, and alike, and it might be a good place to understand how it all came to be and how blockchain technology and its products evolved into what they are today. Furthermore, it will be a great opportunity to truly understand why is Web4 so important, and how it will differ from Web1 and Web2.

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the world’s first and largest network of decentralized oracles. The network’s purpose is to harness the data from the real world and bring it on-chain, as without this gateway, blockchain is isolated from the rest of the internet. However, the data is necessary for smart contracts to run, as they need information that will allow them to know when the terms of the contract have been met.

Once Chainlink’s network delivers that data in real-time, the contracts can self-execute and send payments or perform another action that they are programmed to do. However, another benefit of this network is that it can use the same principle to connect blockchains with other blockchains, allowing them to communicate and contribute to the development of the network that will someday become the next version of the internet — Web3.

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