Celsius Network Loans – Crypto Trading Strategy (THIS IS WHAT THE RICH DO)

Leveraging your debt to generate more income is simple, but powerful strategy used by the richest people and institutions all over …


  1. Hey Eddie, thank you very much for your video, I learned a lot and I decided to go with Celsius for my loan. I feel more comfortable doing this now, you have a new subscriber!

  2. On the last one Strategy #2, its best if there is a spreadsheet for this or a picture diagram. This would be useful. Thanks.

  3. Hi Eddie, I got a question… What is the name of the indicator you are using at 9:00 please ?
    Thank you for what you are doing, love your videos from France ! 🇫🇷

  4. your borrowing from celsisus because you have money in there not because of fico score, its as if you borrowed your own money from a bank with savings, ur fico wouldnt matter either.

  5. It’s a good introduction to getting collateralised loans, but unfortunately the hard part is to make the 100% yields on your loan amount, as unless you’re lucky your new investment could also tank. It’s not that easy

  6. Eddie, you are seriously talented man. Great job with these videos. Very clear and concise explanation of how to do things. Thank you!

  7. I almost just got liquidated on my ADA loan and there is something which isn't explained here and that I didn't realise would happen. When a margin call is triggered, you cannot simply add enough collateral to get your LTV above the point where a margin call is triggered, but rather you need to add enough to restore the ORIGINAL ratio. So basically, I took a loan at 33% LTV and a margin call was triggered at 65% LTV. I then had to add enough collateral to take it all the way back to 33% LTV or get liquidated. You can't just take it back to say 50% LTV. Pretty crucial info for anyone considering a loan, almost got REKT.

  8. So, if I use Cel or CRO to pull a loan instead of selling the coin i have grown… do I just use the CRO debit card to access those funds? and with cel do you know if they have a credit/debit card?

  9. Eddie, I can't seem to find an answer to this. Can I use the collateral that is " locked" to pay the loan balance? I would assume I can but I'm having trouble finding anything that actually say you can

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