Today let’s discuss the opening market, inflation worries, Russia legalizing Bitcoin, Apple, and why Tesla is set to dominate.


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  2. Where will I charge my ev ??? 🙄 not enough infrastructure for people who do not own their own homes. It is like having a cell phone you stress out about charging all the time…….

  3. <Bitcoin went from 4k to 70k from 2020 to 2021 thanks to institutional adoption, so people should be happy and take their profit, Too bad for those who started accumulating above 20k, as we will revisit these lows for sure. With Terry Adam I am already growing my 1.5btc to 5.5btc from October till date>..,,

  4. Great Data : I personally think the crypto bears will not continue for a longer period , I see the bounce begins. possible 50k – 55k. But then it is time for the dominance to share market % with the alt coins. That being said, as traders we are not affected by the bearish market, So much has changed and that's on everything but the truth is I don't even contemplate much about bullish or bearish market anymore because David Mayor got me covered as I am comfortably making 42.9 BTC lately …….

  5. I personally don't see the US power grid being able to support a fully EV system by 2025! Our grid is already on the verge of collapse and next to no one has EV's now!

  6. When the EV market becomes bigger, they will tax the electricity, to compensate for the losses on revenue from selling oil refined products.

  7. I have my coinbase and Robinhood card in my apple wallet already. Have always been able to tap to pay on merchant’s square Is this new solely for phone to phone ?

  8. The whole point of the war on internal combustion engines is to limit freedom. When you are tied to the electrical grid, you can be turned off when they want. With limited range, you can't go where they don't want you to.

    If the truckers were driving electric trucks, they would have remotely shut them down long before they made it to Ottowa.

  9. I know there are way too many goofy liberals in this world… But I’d like to think there’s that there’s not that many goofy liberals to support a complete change over to silly electric vehicles… They don’t work in the cold- the range sucks and it takes forever to charge them and when these cars have a few years on them they’re worthless… These idiot leftists think they’re saving the planet don’t they realize there’s a freaking coal burning plant running 24 hours a day to produce the electricity to charge their silly car?

  10. ASK NANCY POLOSIS HUSBAND HOW HE GOT RICH. She already profited for decades and 10s of millions of dollars she's 150 years old she don't care she's done. If they don't prosecute those who inside trade what's the point, that's the problem none of them ever get prosecuted for crimes we minions would do hard time for

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