How I Make $10k Per Week Yield Farming In Crypto (Passive Income Strategy)

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  1. Since everybody keeps asking no, I did NOT show my investment amounts on purpose. I feel I am already doxing myself as a figure out in the public, and now sharing and showing my investments. I did not want to dox myself further in terms of monetary amounts. BUT , I literally show the APYs on each screen, so all you have to do is simply divided APY by 52 to find out the weekly returns on a pool. Simple math if you want to figure it out =) On some of the screens I show it even shows my staked amount of tokens, not hard to find out guys =) Thank you

  2. Can someone with the top notch knowledge tell me which crypto would be best to dollar cost average into next for the best holding passive income no selling what so ever
    1.bitcoin $192
    2.algorand $104
    3.cosmos $14
    4.shiba $5
    On coinbase

  3. This is amazing. I’ve been in crypto for a while and these numbers are incredible. Now I have to look into yield farming👍

  4. the S/day … does that mean you pay that amount everyday to the stuff and if so arent you just gaining back everything you payed for in the entire week??????????????
    i am very confused

  5. They are all saying if you want to be in this exclusive club to learn this you need like 30K or some ridiculous sum of money as starting capital. Well if I had that amount of cash I know a hell of a lot more sure ways of earning money with it then risking it on high return yield farming or am I wrong.?

  6. Whoa! That’s a whole lot of money to be made in one week. Honestly, ever since I joined cryptocurrency investments, It’s been really profitable for me. Even now, I earn as much as $500 daily, which anyone can earn too

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