Today I want to cover the big events that are still holding Bitcoin down. Fed meeting, inflation, Ukraine conflict and more.


  1. your video's are really helpful for getting the latest defi info. I really ppreciate the time you put in to make quality video's. I decided to start up my own using your channel as an inspiration, but with a focus on Tezo projects.

  2. It’s a crazy world out there. The only thing that makes sense to hoard is BTC & Gold cause once everything collapses that’s going to be the only thing people accept in the future. The best way to stack BTC is to mine it and the easiest way to mine btc is to buy some $MINERS tokens, you heard it from me first.

  3. can someone seriously answer this… i want George to answer, but cant get an answer… THE QUESTION: If we are told to move away from fiat because it can be manipulated and to buy BTC, then all I hear on this channel is … oh BTC is being manipulated by whales. .. so answer me this, whats the difference if both fiat and btc can be "manipulated"?

  4. Have banks ever considered not sucking? If they updated their operations crypto would be trying to get to their level. Im sure we are still a capitalist economy the point is innovation and systems refusing to grow die.

  5. I am amazed BTC hopiumers think the government's can't stop you spending your crypto!
    Stop all big companies from allowing customers to use crypto they will follow straight away

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